The Rhone Cycle Randonnée Challenge 2019

 Vienne to Montpellier, South of France  

(3rd – 5th October)*

Sarah Greene Tribute Fund for Breast Cancer Now are pleased to announce that you can now sign up for the 2019 October event here

9 months to go to the event: make 2019 the year for your personal challenge and join this very special club. Start training now and help research to find a cure for Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

Over 400 male and female riders have completed in the events over the last 10 years; all ages from 14 – 70 years of age have realised a huge sense of personal achievement whilst raising in excess of £1.25 million.

This years’s ride takes place over 3 stages, cycling a total of 288 miles of glorious countryside and the gradients never touch 10% – for detailed challenge profile please click here.

Day 1 Vienne to Valence: 97 miles includes regular climbs but never more than 6% and never more than 5 kms in length (with as many downhills!)

Day 2 Valence to Orange: 98 miles noticeably less climbing than Day 1 (- 1,000 metres) but includes 3 steady climbs (each never more than 10% gradient)

Day 3 Orange to Le Grande Mott, Montpellier: 93 miles, again noticeable less climbing than Day 1 finishing on the pancake-flat wilderness of the Camargue region.

(*London – Lyon and return flight Wednesday 2nd October – Sunday 6th October)

About the charity

Sarah lost her life to triple negative breast cancer, one of the most aggressive types of the disease. Triple negative breast cancer is a form of the disease which has limited treatment options because it cannot be treated using targeted therapies available for other types of breast cancer.

We urgently need to find new ways to treat triple negative breast cancer to improve the chances of survival for people with this form of the disease. Our support is helping Breast Cancer Now’s research unit at King’s College to understand the basics of triple negative breast cancers and how they can be effectively treated. The research that you fund has already lead to several breakthrough discoveries.

Our scientists found seven molecular markers that contribute to the behaviour of this disease, and have discovered a key gene that helps triple negative tumours to grow and spread. Together these findings represent an important leap in our understanding of why triple negative breast cancers are so difficult to treat and why they can be so aggressive. This insight will help us to develop better treatments for patients diagnosed with this hard-to-treat type of breast cancer and, ultimately, to save more lives.

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Latest words from our lead rider

Phil Deeker

” Although it’s hard to go wrong when choosing an area to visit in rural France,  when Simon & I drove this route last year I was especially pleased with how the route fitted so well together as a ‘complete journey’. I knew most of the roads, but I had never juxtaposed them before in this way. The way we traverse the Rhone, alternating between it’s west and eastern banks and exploring the adjacent hills, before heading across the Rhone estuary to find the sea at Montpellier seemed just perfect. The mix of wild, beautiful scenery; village squares oozing with typical French charm ; passing Roman ruins that remind us regularly of what a rich history this area has; and then crossing the ‘salt flats’ of the Camargue, with it’s  largest salt production in France, all combine to create a truly perfect ‘Taste of France’. 

I have seen and ridden many,many roads in France over the last 15 years and I feel so lucky for having gained this experience. It has enabled me to become especially sensitive to what France is REALLY good at ! My overall impression after our reconnaissance together with Simon has been so strong that I have now designed my own ten-day event ( “CCC Rhone”) in this very same area. Fear not though, we have been able to design a route for you without taking many of the “High Roads” that a Cent Cols Challenge is known for!

Neither Simon nor Hen asked me to write this. I just felt compelled to point out to those who might not know what to expect that this is so much more than another Sarah Greene French ride : it’s a real opportunity to see some of the ‘best of France’ from a bike in a unique way. Hotels are perfect for us; we’ve found great lunch stop places; and we believe that with a minimum amount of training, this will be do-able for all.

Finally, watch the Tour de France this year : the area around Nimes is being given star-treatment, exactly where we will be riding on our Stage 3.

I hope to share this ride with as many of you as possible!.

Phil Deeker, Lead Rider. “

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Fund raising

Riders can now set up their own fundraising pages Send a cheque to Sarah Greene Breakthrough Tribute Fund Make a donation via on line banking Make your donation worth more with Gift Aid Your contribution makes a difference and SAVE LIVES!

Corporate Sponsors

We are also so grateful for the continued support of our other sponsorship partners VW Commercial Vehicles and Banjo Cycles.

About Triple Negative Breast Cancer

11,000 women are diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer every year. This aggressive form of breast cancer currently has no established treatments using targeted therapies available for other types of breast cancer. Understanding the causes of, and developing better treatments for, triple negative breast cancer is vital if more women are to survive the disease.

BreastCancerNow believes that, if they can continue with their work, in 10 years’ time some types of breast cancer will no longer be life threatening. With our help, they established a Research Unit at King’s College London to focus on triple negative breast cancer. With your help, their scientists are working to ensure women need no longer fear a diagnosis of this aggressive type of breast cancer.

Who we are

A small group of Sarah’s friends and family established the SGBTF in 2007 after Sarah’s death.

The team includes Sarah’s husband Peter and sister Alice along with Simon Halden, Hen Wheatman, Freddie Barker and Gordon Montgomery. The team work on a pro bono basis and no fees our charged for our time.
We are responsible for overseeing the organisation of all our events and we administer the distribution of all funds raised in aid of the SGBTF with help and advice from the BreastCancerNow team including Professor Paul Ellis who heads our unit at Kings.

Donate Today

You can make a difference. Every penny you give helps us fight Triple Negative Breast Cancer. We have raised £1.25 million to date!

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