Profiling gene messages could guide chemotherapy for triple negative breast cancer

A new study sheds light on the genetic messages encoded by genes within ‘triple negative’ breast cancers – and poses important questions on how they could be better treated in future.

The study, by researchers at The Institute of Cancer Research, London, and published today in Clinical Cancer Research, shows that certain characteristics within patients’ primary tumours can predict how they will respond to different treatments after their tumours have spread around the body.

For example, women whose primary tumours have a higher presence of immune cell genes, and genes linked to their activity, are more likely to respond to a specific type of chemotherapy called docetaxel than another called carboplatin.

And patients whose cancer has spread but who have not yet received chemotherapy, and whose primary tumours have markers of faults in genes linked to DNA repair pathways, tend to respond better to carboplatin.

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New Update 13.08.23

Simon Halden receiving his MBE at Windsor Castle

Simon Halden receiving his MBE from His Royal Highness The Duke of Cambridge at an investure ceremony on Tuesday 25th January 2022 at Windsor Castle.

Very many congratulations to him from everyone who has been involved with the charity since it’s inception and thoroughly deserved for all his contribution to the charity’s success.

This award is a tremendous achievement for the entire team and recognises the enormous efforts of everyone involved with the charity over the course of the last 14 years.

Simon commented ‘I am humbled and elated to be the recipient of an MBE in the Queen’s New Year Honours List 2021. This award is accepted on behalf of Sarah’s family and all the friends and many supporters of the Sarah Greene Tribute Fund, particularly Hen Wheatman, without who’s on-going generosity and hard work it would not have been possible to raise all the amazing donations generated to help find a cure for Triple Negative Breast Cancer’.

About the Charity

Sarah lost her life to triple negative breast cancer, one of the most aggressive types of the disease. Triple negative breast cancer is a form of the disease which has limited treatment options because it cannot be treated using targeted therapies available for other types of breast cancer.

We urgently need to find new ways to treat triple negative breast cancer to improve the chances of survival for people with this form of the disease.

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Fund raising

Riders can now set up their own fundraising pages Send a cheque to Sarah Greene Breakthrough Tribute Fund Make a donation via on line banking Make your donation worth more with Gift Aid Your contribution makes a difference and SAVE LIVES!

About Triple Negative Breast Cancer

11,000 women are diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer every year. This aggressive form of breast cancer currently has no established treatments using targeted therapies available for other types of breast cancer. Understanding the causes of, and developing better treatments for, triple negative breast cancer is vital if more women are to survive the disease.

BreastCancerNow believes that, if they can continue with their work, in 10 years’ time some types of breast cancer will no longer be life threatening. With our help, they established a Research Unit at King’s College London to focus on triple negative breast cancer. With your help, their scientists are working to ensure women need no longer fear a diagnosis of this aggressive type of breast cancer.

Who we are

A small group of Sarah’s freinds and family established the SGBTF in 2007 after Sarah’s death.

The team includes Sarah’s husband Peter , sister Alice and brother Charles along with Simon Halden and Hen Wheatman. The team work on a pro bono basis and no fees our charged for our time.

We are responsible for overseeing the organisation of all our events and we administer the distribution of all funds raised in aid of the SGBTF with help and advice from the BreastCancerNow team including Professor Paul Ellis who heads our unit at Kings College.

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You can make a difference. Every penny you give helps us fight Triple Negative Breast Cancer. We have raised £1.25 million to date!

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Ptarmigan Logo GREEN-01We are grateful to our new sponsor Transaction Focus and also for the continued support of our other sponsorship partners Ptarmigan Land, VW Commercial Vehicles and Banjo Cycles.

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